Returns and Refunds:

If you would like to claim a refund, please contact us via within 48 hours of receiving your order, within 7x days of receiving a shipment notification, stating the need for the refund along with photographic evidence where possible. Please note, we are not able to arrange returns/order problems via social media pages, we can only fix errors if emailed.

 When refunds cannot be issued:

  1. If 2x weeks have passed since date of SHIPMENT. Our products are fresh and made without preservatives which is why we recommend eating them as soon as possible. Please read bar care instructions to ensure quality of product and correct storage. This can be found on each product page an don the product label.
  2. If products have been damaged due to courier handling (this includes but is not limited to; rough/careless package handling, exterior damage to outer packaging, compromised quality of product as a result of transit conditions or delays in transit) Our products are classed as perishable items. This means in the rare event that your items may be damaged or delayed as a result of courier handling, we are not be able to replace or refund them.
  3. We are not liable once products have been dispatched. Tracking information  can be given upon request. It is then the responsibility of the customer to ensure they receive their parcel. We will not reimburse missed deliveries parcels.
  4. If the order has already left the bakery with no of our own fault.
  5. A refund can not be processed if you claim you have not received your item, but it has been confirmed as delivered by the courier. 
  6. If the customer is at fault i.e wrong address or order made/ not collecting parcels/ products stored incorrectly etc
  7. Customers are responsible for paying any additional customs or duty fees that may be added upon shipment, this will not be covered  or reimbursed by Swolesome. 
  • To claim a refund please contact us via We do unable to handle refunds/complaints over our social media pages - only emails:  - this is because it is easier to keep tabs of the resolution. 
  • If requesting a refund after the 14x day period, you will need to provide a reasonable explanation of the problem or the reason why you want a refund.
  • Shipping fees will be reimbursed depending on the claim made and at the teams discretion. 
  • We do not send out replacements.



We do not accept items back for exchange on edible items. If there is a problem with the items you receive, please contact us as soon as possible and refer to our refund policy above. 

*We cannot alter orders once made, only cancel. If you have changed your mind  or need to update details please contact us to cancel the order so you are able to make a new one.

Orders however, cannot be cancelled if they have already been shipped. 


Returns, Exchanges or Refunds of missing or incorrect items:

If you believe you have received an incorrect item or an item is missing, please get in touch within 48 hours of receiving your order along with evidence to aid us in correcting the fault.

We are currently unable to send replacements for missing items. In this instance, a refund will be issued for the value of the item in line with the type of purchase you made.

As per our Exchange policy, we are unable to accept exchanges on edible items, however you may still request a refund in line with our refund policy.

All terms and conditions and all accompanying policies are subject to change at any time without any prior notice. The most up-to-date terms and conditions and accompanying policies will automatically apply to all orders regardless of which version was published at the time of your order.