about us

 Packing protein, serving sweetness & powering gains. We put our muscles to work to hand make the tastiest protein bars that leave you feeling Swolesome!
Swolesome dessert bars are the perfect snack or a wholesome indulgence for gym-goers, fitness enthusiasts or any sweet toothed foodies trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Now, we could  bore you with how we hand make and hand pack everything in our little kitchen in Devon using only the best and most delicious ingredients combined with bakers techniques to make the ultimate protein-packed bars but the taste of our bars speak for themselves! 

Our mission is to make leading a healthy life more fun. Providing you with a guilt-free alternative  to all your favourite treats without compromising  on taste, texture, or diet.

Bars are available in unique flavours along with vegan friendly options too. 

Give your tastebuds a workout with Swolesome Foods!
The only thing important to us is that you drop all your perceived notions of fit and healthy = boring and restrictive and relish with us in all the incredible things life has to offer while feeding and nourishing your body.'




Letter from Maddie: 

Swolesome Foods was created through the knowledge that sometimes it’s hard to find healthy snacks that satisfy a sweet-tooth, taste mindblowing and don’t destroy fitness goals.


I’ve always had a passion for fitness and health and found that most protein bars, although nutritionally good, tasted dull and unoriginal! All bars were the same flavour, the same texture, just hidden in a different wrapper! Working day and night, I found myself experimenting in my kitchen  trying to find the perfect balance between a diet bar and an indulgent treat. Something to keep my sugar cravings at bay and diet in check.


Once I was happy with my candied creation, it was tried and tested on local customers at the gym cafe I was working at. Soon enough members were addicted, and the demand for a game-changing fitness food became apparent to me. My labour of love has developed into a fun, unique & delicious variety of protein dessert bars.  Each bar is tailor made to enhance its flavour with added fillings and toppings.  Handmade, hand decorated and hand packed. Now I’m dedicated to creating the most Swolesome protein bars that taste just as amazing as they are for you. Who says being healthy needs to be boring!?


Maddie x