Safety proof your next snackcident!

Do you buy cookie dough ice cream just for the dough? No judgment here, this product was created through past frustrating experiences of hastily digging doughs with careless disregard for the rest of the tub just to uncover those delicious cookie dough goldmines. And, though we may not want to admit it,  carrying out this quest with even more aggression and fierceness when sharing a pint to ensure you get the BIGGEST treasures. Only to pass back a dishevelled and now defrosted tub of plain vanilla ice cream when it's their next turn to shovel.

We have taken inspo from one of our favourite food brands hand popping dough into freezer-friendly snackable pouches. BUT  you're at Swolesome com' onnnn!! This isn't your regular cookie dough! We have gone the extra mile making each bite high in protein, high fibre and low sugar. With an added special secret ingredient that makes these bites take like a freshly baked choc chippy. In short, we have made the tastiest and most justifiable snackident!

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